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Stan Thompson, PLS, GISP, the developer of the packages sold through HTG, is a Autodesk Authorized Developer and a Professional Land Surveyor in 5 states with over 35 years of surveying and mapping experience. He is also a certified GIS Professional and has been developing GIS software for over 20 years.
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CoalAccess is a custom program for managing your corehole stratigraphic and coal quality data in Microsoft Access and Autodesk Map. This program supports entry of full lithology with tagging of seam, bench, split, deep mine and surface mine components, as well as coal quality results for raw and washed samples with compositing by weight, raw ASG or estimated ASG.

Lithology can be entered using standard codes or user-defined codes with modifiers. Logs can also be entered using detail codes, modifiers, colors, grain size, bedding, structures, sedimentary structures and mechanical properties with continuation records for interbedded and/or complex descriptions.

Washabilities are entered as direct data for multiple screens and gravities, and composite float-sink calculations are used to generate the final table of washed results. The user can build models consisting of selected holes and export composited results to SurvCADD, Surfer, Excel and Minex file formats.

Geologic columns and 3D data points for thickness and quality can be plotted from the database and labeled directly in AutoCAD Map. The 3D data points are compatible with other 3rd party engineering programs for DTM contouring, gridding and isopaching. Sections of the geologic columns can also be plotted from a user-defined distance above the roof and below the floor of a tagged seam. Geologic columns can be plotted in plan view by each corehole or in elevation view with the selected columns plotted at the same elevation on even spacing intervals.
Program includes utilities for computing coordinates in multiple coordinate systems and for plotting 7.5 minute quad borders anywhere in the continental US.
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